As Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel and Cosmos Sports Center, Between 04 September – 01 October 2023, we will organize Nirvana Basketball Weeks (NBW) events. It will be an honour for us to see you participate in the organization that will be held together with the Turkish Basketball Coaches Association and with the support of the Turkish Basketball Federation.

Please find the detailed plans attached and NBW’s executive summary below.


We aim to host basketball with a large-scale organization every year, starting from September 2023, at the Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel , which is part of the Kilit Hospitality Group, one of the largest hotel chains in Turkey . The detailed information and summary plan of the organization, which will be organized with the support of the Turkish Basketball Federation and in cooperation with the Turkish Basketball Coaches Association, is given below. You can find the detailed program in the appendix.

Dozens of 3×3 Teams, 24 Men’s A Teams, 8-16 Boys’ Teams, over 300 basketball members, approximately 300 TBF Basketball Referees, around 500 basketball coaches and hundreds of Antalya basketball player families are expected to participate in this organization where European Basketball will come together. .

  1. Nirvana 3×3 Basketball Tournament
    1. 04-06 September 2023
  2. Türkiye Basketball Referee and Evaluator Seminars:
    1. Class A 08-10 September 2023

  • TUBAD Senior Teams Tournaments
    • 16th TUBAD Mehmet Baturalp Tournament
      • 12 – 15 September 2023
  • TUBAD Coaching Development Seminar
    • 12-17 September 2023
  • International 1st Ismet Badem Tournament
    • 12-17 September 2023
  • Nirvana Basketball 360 0 Summit
    • 11-13 September 2023