Nirvana Basketball 3600 Summit

11-13 September 2023

In the third week of Nirvana Basketball Weeks, 3600 Summit, which in 24 sessions, will be attended by sports people, managers, doctors, healthcare team, referees, managers, families of athletes, basketball players and basketball coaches, will share their knowledge and experience with the guests. Session titles are as follows:

  1. Keynote Speeches
  2. Stability in Clubs – Success Equation and Fan Relationship Management
  3. Continuity in Clubs – Sponsorship
  4. Sponsorship Lesson in Basketball 101
  5. National Teams
  6. “Being a Family of Basketball Players – Genetic Orientation”
    1. “Being a Family of Basketball Players – Sports Management”
  7. NFT and Basketball
    1. Basketball in E- Sports
  8. Women’s Basketball
  9. Trainer Education in Turkey
  10. Is Basketball Coaching Nutjob?
  11. Youth and Basketball Schools
  12. School – Sports – Family Triangle / NCAA and Turkiye
  13. Health Management in Basketball
    1. Injury Reduction and Treatment – Stepping Down in Basketball
  14. Preparing for the Season and the Importance of a Conditioner
  15. Statistics and Assistant Coaches in Basketball
  16. Basketball Nutrition
  17. Deep Topic Betting
  18. Basketball Managers and Sports Law
  19. Basketball Media and PR Communication
  20. Basketball Player Psychology – Burnout – Anxiety Management
  21. Today’s European Basketball and the Effect of the NBA on National Teams
    1. FIBA – ULEB – NBA Cooperation or Competition?
  22. “Referees” Wearing Shirts of Fire
  23. Turkish Basketball Players in the NBA
  24. Establishment in Basketball
  25. Closing Ceremony and Party