A concept that harmoniously combines the possibilities of the city with the coastal holiday . The two important values of the facility that make a difference in the region, the Cosmos Theater and the Convention Center, are hosting congresses and meetings, magnificent wedding organizations, various product launches , and art-filled days; The one-of-a-kind Cosmos Sports Center provides top-notch service to sports organizations, tournaments and camps.

The usual all-inclusive food and beverage concepts, the concept of healthy living is at the forefront with truly local & healthy foods. With this extraordinary change, a brand new perspective makes a noticeable difference to the guest.




It provides privacy with its 21 m wide, 200 m long, 5 separate courts, 4 of which are with parquet floors and 1 of which are polyurethane, four basketball parquets complying with FIBA norms and polyurethane flooring complying with CEV norms and soundproof screen walls that allow playing at the same time. Indoor sports fields are a unique experience with a total of 3000 m², an average ceiling height of 7.5 m and a column-free construction that can be divided into 5!


Different Branches at the Same Hall at the Same Time… While five of the branches that contain very different disciplines such as basketball, tennis, volleyball, archery, badminton, futsal, weightlifting, boxing, taekwondo, etc. defense sports can practice at the same time; It can serve in a 3000 m2 monolithic hall for activities such as dances, concerts and fairs. It is always ready for both matches and conferences with its 120-person tribunes in the fields two and four.


Cosmos Sports Center 3000m2, 5 Fields, Height Adjustable 15 Sides, 10 Matching Hoops, Totally 25 Basketball Hoops, 5 Sets of Volleyball Net-Direct Equipment, 5 Score Boards, Special Sound System for Each Field, 3 Sets of Tennis Court Equipment, 11 Changing Rooms, Meeting Room for 30 people, Classroom for 16 people, 1 Health Room, 1 Physical Therapy Room, 1 Rest Room with Ice Therapy, Physical Test and Measurement Room, 4 Warehouses, Fitness and Cardio Studio , Foyer Area for 150 People, Offices and Cafeteria Total 7.000 M2 Sports Facility